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Welcome to! We offer a great selection of food storage, survival kits, first aid kits, and water filtration products and more information about campsites, parks and more locations to camp...  We offer the convenience of online shopping and a commitment to provide high quality products with great service at competitive prices.  Whether you are shopping for yourself or a large group, you'll find the emergency preparedness supplies you're looking for to prepare for any emergency or disaster.

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Real Food, Real Meals, prepared in minutes by just adding water. takes an innovative approach, providing dependable, simple, and affordable ready-made freeze dried and dehydrated meals for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.

Why choose food storage products provided by

  • Great Taste--Delicious meals your family will love to eat
  • Extended 25 year shelf life--Long-term shelf life eliminates waste and need for rotation
  • Easy to prepare--Just add water
  • Compact and lightweight--Minimal storage space
  • Affordable--Average cost per serving is less than a school lunch
  • Nitrogen packed Mylar Pouches--Improves shelf life and preserves taste
  • Quick cook--Add water and wait 12 to 15 minutes
  • Made in the USA
  • Peace of Mind--You are prepared