Do you know this 5 stars Campsite in South of France ?

Going to a holiday camp in France is always a lovely experience, but in order to make it lovely, you need to ensure that you are visiting a five star campsite and it's situated in the south of France, like the Domain La Yole Camping Lodge. There are a lot of benefits and fun to be enjoyed when you go for camping in a five star holiday camping site like La Yole.

Domaine La Yole sits in the Herault region and is just a stone's throw away from the lovely and sandy beach of Valras-Plage. La Yole is an awesome five-star campsite with a wide range of accommodation, some of which belongs to the campsite and others by several external operators; the campsite also features pull-on pitches. La Yole is a place with a relaxed air. You are bound to feel peace and at home once you get there. This beautiful campsite is well-cleaned and the staff is incredibly friendly.

One of the main features that makes La Yole the best holiday campsite in South France is the pool.

The camp features a wide variety of pools, two of which your kids can play in, and several others for the adults. Guards and lifesavers are always patrolling the pools in case of any accident. You can also lounge by the pool side but you'll have to get there early as there's always a lot of activity going on around the area.

Another amazing feature is the exotic and exquisite wine provided by the campsite. La Yole happens to be part of a vineyard and as such produces a variety of lovely wines that tastes really awesome, and to make it better, these wines are reasonably priced. Convenience is another thing you get with this campsite as there are on-site supermarkets and shops for your various shopping needs. There's also a bakery and a gift shop. All of these facilities offer an original and superb range of products just like you would expect of a five star campsite in the south of France. La Yole has ensured that everything you need can be found on the site, which means you don't need to go offsite for any reason; more convenience for you and your family.

Domaine La Yole is just a thirty five minute walk and a five minute drive from the town of Valras. So if you wish to get anything or visit anywhere in town, you can always drive for just five minutes or take a walk for thirty five minutes. There's also a fresh fish/shell fish stand, and also a stand for fresh fruits. You also get a small bar that serves ice lollies and a wide variety of other drinks. Everything about the Domaine Layole is meant to bring you convenience, fun and comfort.

Now, there's no way we'll talk about the La Yole and not talk about how close to the sea it is. Domaine La Yole is close to the Valras Plage beach. The beach is accessible via a walk down path, which is a mix of sand and stone. The beach is awesome and it's very safe for kids too. While the waterfront is always busy, the back is always free. So, if you want space, then you can consider going further back from the waterfront.

All in all, if you are looking for a really great place for camping or a vacation, then you need to consider visiting this holiday campsite by the sea. The facilities, such as the toilets and showers, are perfectly adequate, clean, and neat at all times. You also get to enjoy some entertainment which will be fun for party lovers.

Visit the Domaine La Yole today and experience the wonderful feeling of fun, music, food, convenience, and comfort.

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